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Intervals of Stale Time

Neither Innocent Nor Guilty


2015 - 2016

Wir sind im Bilde series


Blinky Palermo series



2012 - 2014

CY Twombly series

2009 - 2011













A sign and a network. The image as such, as both, and also, as an object; not intangible but rather bearing its own materiality, physical attributes, a body.

The image, having signs registered on it, and being registered with its turn on something greater; an image that is all and just a part. A shard of a ceramic vessel that has followed its own path and trajectory in time. A body that carries its own history and memory and hovers between being a part and simultaneously an autonomous entity, thus, having this duality and bearing both functions. A suspended fragment that is almost mystic and mythical, becoming a sign; of itself and of its broader whole.

Thus, the image as a presence and as an archetype that stands beside, though cannot escape, this general whole, the net in which it is caught, its context.

Gallery Kunstbuero Vienna
Giorgos Kontis | Just Quist

Text by Giorgos Kontis










Giorgos Kontis (Right and middle left) Just Quist (Left and middle right)







Giorgos Kontis (Top) Just Quist (Bottom left and right)







Giorgos Kontis (Left) Just Quist (Right)







Giorgos Kontis (Top and left) Just Quist (Bottom center and right)